Friday, May 3, 2013

Kings Bowl in Orlando, FL

I was invited to the Media Preview of Kings Bowl. This is a fancy new bowling alley that took over a space formerly occupied by a Gooding's Supermarket on International Drive. They have all the normal stuff that most bowling alleys have, i.e.- lots of bowling lanes (which were very nicely illuminated) and pool tables. Alongside the norm, Kings Bowl also has all sorts of edible things that most bowling alleys do not. Since this is a food blog, the edible is what I'm focusing on. Why not start out with a fancy drink from one of their many bars?
If you're more of a beer person, Kings Bowl has a couple of these nifty booths with computerized, self-serve beer taps built into the tables. I haven't come across these elsewhere.
For the food, the menu ranged from pretty standard bowling alley fare to very unusual foods to be eating while bowling. It seems like most bowling alleys I've visited serve pizza. So did Kings Bowl. I sampled the Spicy Hawaiian Pizza, topped with fresh serrano peppers, bacon, grilled pineapple, grilled chicken, seasoned oil, and jack cheese.
The Buffalo Wontons were surprisingly tasty. I've never had fried wontons filled with buffalo sauce flavored cream cheese, but that is a delicious combination.
The Southwestern Spring Rolls, filled with roasted chicken, corn, black beans, peppers, onions, and cheese were one of my least favorite items that I tried at Kings. I found them to be very bland and flavorless, definitely lacking the spicy kick that southwestern often implies. They were also very soggy, as if the ingredients weren't properly drained before being put into the spring roll wrapper. I hope I just got a bad batch, but then again, bad batches of menu items should probably be avoided at media events.
Fried Mac & Cheese Bites, served in marinara sauce.
 Sesame Ginger Wings consisted of fried chicken with a tasty chili soy sauce.
 Cheeseburger Sliders, topped with cheddar and caramelized onions.
I enjoyed the BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders, topped with coleslaw.
House Smoked Baby Back Ribs, normally served with fries, coleslaw, and cornbread. Being as messy as these ribs were to eat, I probably wouldn't recommend bowling in between bites of ribs.
Kings Famous Steak Tips, served with mashed potatoes & green beans.
Brazilian Fish Stew, filled with fresh grouper, shrimp, tomatoes, green & red peppers, and cilantro served with white rice and grilled bread. This was definitely not a stereotypical bowling alley food and was actually one of my favorite dishes that I tried.
You have to finish every bowling alley meal with dessert. Here's the Chocolate, Banana & Coconut Spring Roll Sundae that I sampled.
I enjoyed the food at Kings for the most part based on what I was able to try at the media event. A couple of weeks later, I had a hankering to actually go bowling. I returned to Kings and shared a Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza on this visit. I preferred this pizza to the Spicy Hawaiian Pizza that was mentioned earlier, but it was a bit messy with shredded lettuce that fell all over...
Kings Bowl had pretty good food for a bowling alley! I would totally consider coming back here again next time I want to go bowling...

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