Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grease in West Palm Beach, FL

I was in West Palm Beach and had dinner at a restaurant called Grease. They had a sports bar vibe in the restaurant, only much more upscale than the typical sports bars that I've visited. I didn't know this before visiting the restaurant, but Grease has the same owners as Rocco's Tacos across the street.
I ordered the Seared Rare Tuna Sliders, topped with wasabi-mayo, pickled ginger, and cilantro. These three sandwiches were very tasty, except they weren't served rare as advertized on the menu. I was actually debating whether I should trust seafood that isn't fully cooked from a burger place before ordering, so I was perfectly fine with tuna burgers that were served well-done. If you're going to call something a seared rare tuna slider though, I would expect the tuna burger to still be pink on the inside. Regardless, these sliders were still really good and I did enjoy them.
I did enjoy the sliders, but just like Rocco's across the street, everything here was a bit pricy. For the prices they charged, including fries with their sandwiches would have been nice. Overall, Grease was alright, but nothing worth going out of my way to visit again.

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jelly andrews said...

Thanks for sharing this information. It looks so delicious. I wish I could visit this place too. But I wonder if this seared rare tuna slider is their specialty.


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