Monday, October 19, 2009

Twistee Treat in Lakeland, FL

When you want to eat ice cream, what better place to get it from than a giant fiberglass ice cream cone?
twistee treat
I stopped at the Twistee Treat in Lakeland, FL late one night and got soft serve strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone. The ice cream didn't taste very much like strawberry, but I've noticed this is often the case in ice cream shops that can make several flavors out of a single soft serve machine. It seems they add more color to the vanilla ice cream than actual flavor.

Although the strawberry ice cream tasted like pink vanilla, it was still pretty cool ordering ice cream from a piece of classic roadside architecture...
strawberry ice cream
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1 comment:

Mike said...

So...what time do they close the Lakeland location? It's 10:26 PM and I'm jonesin


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