Friday, July 2, 2010

Paradiso 37 in Orlando, FL

Paradiso 37 is one of the newer restaurant in Downtown Disney that serves food inspired by the street foods found in the Americas. The 37 represents the number of countries in North, South, and Central America. The ironic thing about the restaurant is that if you got the actual street food that inspired the dishes here, chances are you would be paying far less than Disney prices...

We started with an appetizer of Central American Crazy Corn. The quartered ears of corn were grilled, skewered, and topped with lots of melted cheese.
I ordered the Chicken Enchiladas for my main dish. The three enchiladas were topped with green sauce (tomatillo based?). When ordering, the waiter asked if I wanted a spicy or mild sauce, and I choose spicy. This sauce had a nice flavor, but it was definitely not spicy. Black beans and rice was served on the side. Both the beans and rice tasted good, but the rice was a bit cold. Overall, these were pretty good enchiladas, with the exception of the cold rice.
To end off the meal, everyone shared this huge slice of chocolate cake called a Chocolate Stack, topped with ice cream and a cookie. The cake was very rich and chocolaty, but my favorite part was actually the flaky cookie on top...
Overall, I liked Paradiso 37. With the exception of some minor points, the food was mostly good. While Paradiso 37 wasn't cheap, the prices really weren't that bad either being that this was on Disney property. Compared to Downtown Disney's Planet Hollywood or the Landry's run restaurants like Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex, the cost of a meal seemed to run about $5-10 less per person for better food. The service here did have some issues, initially taking about twenty minutes for the waiter to visit the table. He disappeared again for another fifteen minutes when it was pointed out that someone at the table was given an old menu with fewer choices and cheaper prices. Once the order was taken though, service got much better. Despite the issues with the Paradiso 37, I would return!

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Princess Aurora said...

I have eaten at P37 three times and every time I have there has been MAJOR issues with the service! I ADORE their drinks and apps but the service is screamingly lacking!!!!!

Hedy @ WDW Not Just for Kids said...

I'm looking forward to trying Paradiso 37 in just a few weeks!


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