Friday, December 24, 2010

East Buffet in Longwood, FL

East Buffet opened in a former Roadhouse Grill in Longwood. The main buffet area is in the center of the restaurant. There's a hibachi grill in the former open kitchen of Roadhouse and a sushi bar was set up towards the back of the restaurant where all the sushi was made for the buffet.
East Buffet
I wasn't impressed by the Chinese parts of the buffet. The selection of food was pretty small compared to other nearby buffets and it didn't seem like there was that great of a turnover. Much of the food looked like it had been out for way too long, and several items had run out and weren't refilled during the duration of my meal. Perhaps the lack of turnover on the Chinese food was because everyone was eating the sushi. East Buffet had the best selection of sushi that I've seen on a buffet around here and it seemed to have a great turnover. There was constantly a crowd picking from the various rolls...
Sushi & Chinese!

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