Monday, December 20, 2010

Pollo Campero in Downtown Disney

Pollo Campero
Pollo Campero is a new fast food restaurant that opened in Downtown Disney, replacing McDonald's. Anything is better than a McDonald's in my opinion, even if it's another fast food restaurant (which is very similar to Pollo Tropical). A few weeks after they opened, I found myself in Downtown Disney to try Pollo Campero's Latin-American style chicken...
Pollo Campero Sides
On my visit, we ordered the Citrus Grilled Chicken family meal. This came with four 1/4 pieces of chicken (basically a whole chicken) and a large side of black beans & rice. Also included were several corn tortillas.
Grilled Chicken Family Meal
Pollo Campero Beans and Rice
I liked the food here. The chicken had plenty of flavor, as did everything else I tasted. Pretty good for fast food!
Pollo Campero Chicken

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A Snow White Sanctum said...

I'm heading to WDW's DTD in a few weeks. looking forward to trying the food here.

Anonymous said...

Pollo Campero is a national treasure for Guatemalan's, like my self, since the company was started in the late 70's in Guatemala. I'm glad you liked the food. :)


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