Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Food Aboard the Grandeur of the Seas

I already put up lots of fancy food pictures from the Great Gatsby Dining Room aboard the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas from last August. Since I have pictures of more cruise food aboard the ship, I figured why not do another post on it!

The ship had a buffet called The Windjammer. I enjoyed the breakfasts here. You can't go wrong with a buffet with smoked salmon on it.
Smoked Salmon & Cottage Cheese!
Lunch and dinner here wasn't as good. Except for the day when they had all sorts of Asian foods, the majority of the food was mediocre. Many times, they served variations of what was being served in the dining room without the fancy presentation.
Soup & Shellfish
Asian Buffet Foods
The Grandeur of the Seas was sort of disappointing when it came to late night foods. Other ships that I've been on have 24 hour snack bars that have pretty good food. This ship had a single snack bar that had very limited hours and a very limited menu. The choices here consisted of frozen pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, or fries...
Grandeur of the Seas Snackbar Food
Grandeur of the Seas Pizza
The midnight buffet aboard the Grandeur had all the fun stuff like ice sculptures and carved watermelons. The sandwiches, cheeses, and desserts were good, but the rest of the food was seemed to come from a supermarket's frozen food section. Bagel pizzas, bad burritos, beef pattys...

Midnight Buffet

Rabbit Sandwiches
Midnight Buffet Foods
Midnight Dessert Buffet
Midnight Dessert

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