Friday, December 31, 2010

Waterstone Grill at Aquatica

On the second day of Winter, I decided to celebrate the seasons changing with a trip to Aquatica. Don't know why I thought going to a water park in winter was a good idea (even a Florida winter), but it actually wasn't that bad. Beside the chilled temperatures out of the water, the park turned out to be completely deserted except for British tourists for some reason. The first thing we did after arriving at the park was get some food at a restaurant called Waterstone Grill. After the meal, we did every slide and lazy river at Aquatica in less than an hour. Winter means no lines at water parks...
Since this was Sea World, I figured I had to get Waterstone's Fish Sandwich. The sandwich consisted of fried fish, lettuce, and tomato on a slightly sweet roll. French fries were served on the side. The sandwich tasted good, although the fries were cold. Only real quirk was with the size of the fish. When you enter the restaurant, they have all of their menu offerings on display. The fish sandwich behind the glass had a piece of fish about double the size of the fish I received. Regardless, my sandwich was still plenty to eat.
Another brave swimmer that came along to Aquatica ordered a Southwestern Chicken Wrap. I took a picture...

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Do you have a link to their menu by chance?


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