Thursday, June 19, 2008

King Umbertos & Italian Pastries

King Umbertos
I ate dinner from King Umbertos in Elmont, NY for a second time. Their pizza is still the best ever, and had improved from the last visit where the selection of pizza choices was somewhat slim. Tonight there were plenty of different pies to choose from.
King Umbertos
I took home the slices of pizza from King Umbertos rather than eating in the restaurant. I can't name all of the slices, but the square slice is called Grandma's Pizza. Next to Grandmas, there is a stuffed vegetable slice. The slice next to that consists of a spinach crust topped with cheese, basil, plum tomatoes, and more. There is a cheese slice next to that, followed by a slice topped with fresh mozzarella, and then another slice on the spinach crust.
King Umbertos Pizzas
King Umbertos Pizzas

Out of all of those slices, I had the stuffed vegetable slice and one of the spinach crust slices.
King Umbertos Stuffed Vegetable Pizza
King Umbertos Pizzas
They were both really good. It's hard to decide which was better...

King Umberto on Urbanspoon

I ate some dessert from Ramona Lee Italian Pastries in Franklin Square, NY. Cream puffs, pignolis, chocolate mousse, and more. It was good a good dessert!
Ramona Lee Italian Pastries

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