Friday, June 13, 2008

Wah-Luck Kitchen

I ate Chinese food from Wah-Luck Kitchen in Franklin Square, New York. I picked up the take out, which consisted of scallion pancakes, wonton soup, and Szechuan chicken. The pancakes were a tasty treat since there are no Chinese restaurants in Florida that serve this menu item.
Wah-Luck Scallion Pancakes
The soup tasted like normal wonton soup...
Wah-Luck Wonton Soup
The chicken was a disappointment. Compared to other Szechuan chicken dishes that I have ordered elsewhere, the sauce was very thick and tomato-paste like. The sticky sauce got stuck on the food and was way too overpowering. I should have gone with lo-mein. You can't go wrong with lo-mein...
Wah-Luck Szechuan Chicken

Wah Luck Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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