Monday, June 9, 2008

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show
I ate at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show on International Drive in Orlando, Florida for someone's birthday.

The eating experience started out with some appetizers that were served in the lobby while in line to get your tickets. The food was all gone by the time I got to it, thanks to all of those ravenous British tourists. What I saw didn't look all that special anyway. Mostly cubes of cheddar cheese, celery, and something wrapped in a tortilla.
Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show Detective
Everyone was escorted into the main theater by a guy dressed up like a detective with a fake British accent. Waiting on the tables was rolls, crackers, and salads. The salads were way too small and the salad dressing (blue cheese?) seemed a bit watered down.
Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show Salad
The first portion of the show began after all of the food on the tables was devoured. I found this portion of the show to be a bit too long and tedious, with way too much nonsense leading up to the murder that the rest of the show was based upon. When this portion of the show finally ended, the main course was served. The three choices were prime rib, lasagna, or cornish hens. I went with the hen, and although I don't find it very appetizing to rip the flesh off of a dead chicken's bones before eating it, the hen was actually quite tasty. They served half of the bird with string beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a sweet potato. I really had no complaints for this part of the meal, which was surprisingly good when compared to other Orlando dinner show food.
Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show Cornish Hen
The show continued after the main course, in a much shorter and less tedious interval this time around. Dessert was then served. I ordered key lime pie. It was disappointing. It tasted like instant key lime flavored pudding that you buy in the supermarket poured into a pie crust. I wouldn't be surprised if that is what the pie actually consisted of. It was pretty bad and I ended up leaving some of the pie. I should have gone with the chocolate cake instead...
Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show Key Lime Pie
The dessert was followed by the conclusion of the show, and that was that. Sleuths was definitely better than some of the other Orlando dinner shows in regards to the show and the food, but there was still some room for improvement. At least it was better than the horrible Capones dinner show or the short lived and even more horrible Fiascos dinner show where nothing happened in the show and the food was delivered from multiple take out locations all over International Drive...

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