Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Silver Star Diner

Silver Star Diner
I ate lunch at the Silver Star Diner in Franklin Square, NY. It was in a cool building and I ordered a Greek Salad.
Silver Star Diner
Greek style diners in the New York/New Jersey area tend to have very good Greek Salads, but certain ingredients are required in order to meet my specifications for a good Greek Salad. They should be large salads. The dressing should not come from a bottle or be something creamy like Ranch. Anchovies should be on the salad. Stuffed grape leaves should also be there. The salad from Silver Star met all of the qualifications except for the grape leaves, which are technically the best part in my opinion.

So I wouldn't necessarily get a Greek Salad from the Silver Star Diner again...
Silver Star Diner Greek Salad
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