Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Torigo Japanese Restaurant

I ate sushi from the Torigo Japanese Restaurant in Floral Park, NY for dinner. Dinner began by being seated under a pair of Japanese masks.
Japanese Masks
After looking over the menu, food was ordered and miso soup and a soba noodle appetizer were served. The noodles were very tasty, topped with some tempura crumbles. The miso soup was also very good, but there was some sort of sponge-like food that was floated on top of the soup that I wasn't too fond of. Otherwise, the soup was very good.
Miso Soup & Soba Noodles
The main dishes followed the soup and appetizers. I had ordered Mom's Favorite Roll, which was filled with salmon tempura, pumpkin tempura, cream cheese, masago, and spicy-mayo. It was a very good roll. It was very large in diameter, filled with all of it's wonderful fillings. It's the first time I've ever had fried pumpkin in sushi...
Mom's Favorite Roll
Someone else ordered another roll that I tried a piece of. The name escapes me, but it was filled with crab, egg, plum, as well as other fillings that I must be forgetting. I liked Mom's Favorite Roll better...
Chicken Teriyaki was also ordered. It was served with rice, mashed potatoes, and some random vegetables. It had a nice presentation and tasted fine, but I preferred the rolls over the chicken.
Chicken Teriyaki
Overall, Torigo was a really good Japanese Restaurant. If I lived nearby, I would be sure to return...

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