Monday, June 16, 2008

Lunch in Freeport, New York

I ate lunch in Freeport, New York on Long Island. The restaurant that was decided upon was called Capt. Phil Ehrhart's. Being a beachy seaside town, I was hoping to eat some sort of seafood in Freeport. Capt. Phil Ehrhart's couldn't really provide that. They didn't seem to specialize in seafood all too much, but I picked out some coconut shrimp. They were unable to prepare them though due to lack of ingredents, so I ended up just going with a Caesar Salad. It was a good salad and there was nothing wrong with it. I just wasn't what I had in mind...
Freeport Caesar Salad
There was a nice view from the restaurant's deck of the nearby fishing boats. There was also a live band playing out here.

Freeport Fishing Boats

After eating lunch it was time for dessert from Ralph's Italian Ices. The Ralph's in Freeport was a short walk up the road from Capt. Phil Ehrhart's, and I tried lime and passion fruit water ices. The flavors themselves were good, but this Freeport Ralph's wasn't as good in general when compared to the Franklin Square Ralph's. A small ice here cost $0.25 more than the Franklin Square Ralph's. For the extra quarter, you received a smaller portion in a paper cup that quickly got soggy compared to a larger styrofoam cup. The ices were good, the rest of this Ralph's wasn't quite as good...
Ralph's Italian Ices

Freeport Ralph's Italian Ices

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