Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kook Sports Bar

Buena Vista Palace
I was doing something at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel just outside of Downtown Disney. It was dinner time, so I ate food from Kook Sports Bar inside of the hotel. I really don't like sports bars all that much, with the TVs all over, and food that's generally not all that good. The only other option inside of the hotel was a restaurant called The Outback (not connected to the steakhouse chain) which charged far too much for what I saw on the menu. Kook Sports Bar also was really overpriced, but was far less than the Outback. Going by the location, the high price has to be somewhat expected.

Kook Sports Bar
I ordered the Blackened Grouper Sandwich. The waitress told me it was the best thing on the menu, but it tasted average to me. Nothing was wrong with the sandwich, but it was nothing special either, and definitely not worth the $14.95 price tag. It consisted of a piece of blackened grouper on a sesame bun with lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. Fries, ketchup, and tarter sauce came on the side.
Blackened Grouper Sandwich
Besides from the high prices, I had no major complaints about the food, but there was nothing special about the place that would get me to return to Kook Sports Bar any time soon. They will do fine without me with all of the Disney tourists...

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Anonymous said...

The place is run down and overpriced. The food was "ok". Four of us went there using a coupon. 75. off of 150. We had one drink each. 2 were draft beers. We had 2 appetizers,steak,side salad and sides of potato's.We asked how much the sides and salad were because they werent included in the 34.00 steak. The server said "just a couple of bucks". 6.00 for the side salad,6.00 for potato's. The bill before the coupon was 325.00 Really?? We asked to speak to the mgr. She agreed the prices were high. But, theyre on "convention" pricing. Which means to me that they take advantage of people that are staying at the attached hotel. The place was empty. I wonder why? Do yourself a favor and avoid this place. There are a hundred other places to eat within a mile of there.

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