Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weekend Trip: Mitchell's Restaurant

Mitchell's Diner
I ate at Mitchell's Restaurant in Oceanside, NY. It was another Greek diner, so I decided to go with some more Greek food and ordered the Spanakopita. The meal started with a side Greek Salad. No grape leaves or anchovies, but it was good. It had an interesting dressing, possibly tomato based.
Side Greek Salad
The Spanakopita came out on a huge bed of rice. There was probably at least a pound of rice on the plate. I don't see how anyone could ever finish all of the rice. The spinach pie came in three sections and was pretty tasty. A little salty, but was good otherwise.
Spinach Pie
A word of warning about this diner learned the hard way by someone else dining with me. Don't get the traditional Greek salad. It's nothing like what most people would expect from a normal Greek salad, and is a big disappointment. It was basically iceberg lettuce smothered in dressing, with scallions on top.
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1 comment:

Yvo said...

1- blog title: "Watch me eat"
my response: OKAY!!! :)

2- actual comment on this post: hmm, I get a regular "house salad" at diners a lot and they look mostly like what you got, minus the feta and the tomato dressing... it never occurred to me to think of it as a small Greek salad! then again, why would I... since there's no feta (usually... sometimes it's there). lol. :) looks yummy! but I don't hang in LI much anymore so ah well. :)

PS Looking for an about page on you so I can figure out where some of these restaurants are aside from the obvious ones...


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