Friday, July 29, 2011

Chameleon Fusion Bistro in Palm Bay, FL

I had dinner at Chameleon Fusion Bistro in Palm Bay, located just off of I-95. This restaurant was really nice on the inside, but unfortunately they were really understaffed. Chameleon seemed to have plenty of people standing around doing nothing, but the single waiter that was helping all the tables was way overwhelmed. This resulted in the meal being far too long and tedious than necessary...
Chameleon Fusion Bistro
I ordered a California roll and salmon roll. These two rolls were pretty standard, served with wasabi and pickled ginger. The rolls were good sized, tasted good, and were a good price!
Chameleon Fusion Bistro Sushi
Someone else ordered from the fusion part of the menu which didn't turn out as well. While Chameleon made good sushi, they couldn't figure out a hamburger. The burger, ordered medium-well was served cold, completely pink, and bloody. The bloody juices had dripped down from the meat, completely saturated the bun, and had started pooling on plate. This was definitely not medium-well, and after being sent back the cooked burger was served on the same bun that had soaked up all the meat-juices like a sponge...

So in the end, Chameleon Fusion Bistro had good sushi, but bad service and improperly cooked burgers. I doubt I'd return...

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