Friday, July 22, 2011

NYC Street Food #1

Everyone seems to love food trucks, so why not do a post about the trucks in place where they were popular long before other parts of the country? That's right, this post is all about some of the various food trucks that I came across in New York City. Didn't get to try many, but I can only eat so much...

Taco truck in Manhattan's Meatpacking District...
NYC Taco Truck

Mister Softee in Flushing Meadows Park ($5 for a cone is kind of pricy).
Mister Softee @ Unisphere

Lots of food trucks seemed to park near the High Line in Chelsea. Here's an Organic Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck...

Mexican Ice on the High Line...
Mexican Ices

I had a sour cherry shaved ice from The People's Pops. I liked their hand ice shaving system...
People's Pops
Sour Cherry Snow Cone on the High Line
People's Pops (Chelsea Market) on Urbanspoon

New York has food truck events too. At the north end of the High Line there was something called Rainbow City with lots of inflatables. Moon walks are fun, but not as fun as food trucks. Here's Kelvin Natural Slush Co.
Custom ice cream sandwiches from the Cool Haus...
Cool Haus
Totally RAD (Rickshaw's Awesome Dumplings)...
Rickshaw's Awesome Dumplings
Red Hook Lobster Pound:
Red Hook Lobster Pound

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