Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Istanbul Grill in Manhattan, NY

To continue my recent New York dining experience, I had dinner at a Turkish restaurant called Istanbul Grill in Chelsea. I ordered the Gyro Doner, consisting of lamb, lettuce, and tomato in a pita. While the gyro wasn't bad, it did lack flavor. The gyro meat was unusually bland and the three sauces that were brought to the table didn't help much either.
Istanbul Grill was okay, but don't think I'd return with their flavorless gyros. Perhaps I caught them on a bad day because they have good reviews on Urbanspoon and Yelp, but I think I would have enjoyed a gyro from the halal cart at the end of the block more than what I had at this restaurant based on smell alone...

Istanbul Grill on Urbanspoon

1 comment:

The Trendy Housewife said...

The Istanbul place looks like the least appetizing place mentioned on your blog!

The ice cream looks delicious though.

You've made me extremely hungry, I think i'm going to order in today!


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