Monday, July 25, 2011

Zorba's Restaurant & Pizzeria in Debary, FL

I ate dinner at a Greek/Italian restaurant in Debary called Zorba's. There's no connection to the Zorba's in Longwood as far as I know...
My meal started with a Greek salad. Shredded iceberg lettuce was topped with feta, ham, olives, cucumbers, green peppers, and tomatoes. This was a decent side salad, although the ham reminded me a bit of the salads from the nearby Stavro's Italian restaurants... (and after seeing the reviews on Urbanspoon, I get the feeling that Zorba's used to be a Stavro's at one time)
I had the spanakopita for my main course. This long and skinny spinach pie seemed larger than what I've been served at other Greek restaurants. While the pie was a whole lot to eat, I found it to be kind of dry, especially towards the ends. It wasn't bad, but I doubt I'd order it again based on how dry the spanakopita was...

The Greek food at Zorba's was alright, but it seemed almost everyone else in the restaurant was being served meals from the Italian half of the menu. With my dry spinach pie, perhaps Italian food is the thing to get at Zorba's...

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