Friday, September 18, 2009

Kusafiri Coffee Shop at Disney's Animal Kingdom

 I visited Disney's Animal Kingdom for the first time in several years. A whole lot was added since my last visit, and I had good time. Getting something to eat for breakfast was one of my first things I did at the park. I passed by a few restaurants that were open at 9:30 in the morning, but I didn't want a buffet (Tusker House) and another didn't sell simple breakfast items like bagels (Pizzafari). I eventually found the Kusafiri Coffee Shop in the Africa section of the park that had what I wanted.
After reading over the menu, I changed my mind from a bagel and instead got a croissant. It was nothing extraordinary, but tasted like croissants should.
I ate the croissant on the go as I headed over to the Kilimanjaro Safari, then checked out some of the animal attractions, train ride, and Kali River Rapids. I've heard people complain that there isn't enough to do at Animal Kingdom, but if you take time to actually look at all of the animal exhibits, there is plenty. Animal Kingdom really is one of the best zoos around. I wonder what happened with those giant pandas that the park was supposed to get from China a few years ago?

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Orlando Hotels said...

I don't know what do you think, but I visit Orlando only for the food :) hoping to get back there soon, i'm very hungry!

Watch Me Eat said...

I personally visit New York for it's food. Anything you could possibly want, all right there.

But, that's not to say Orlando doesn't have some pretty good food too. From Epcot's awesome theme park food to some some of Orlando's ethnic neighborhoods (Vietnamese food in the Mills-50 District!!!), to everything in between, we really do have a pretty good selection of great food choices!


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