Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taste of UCF

I like food tasting events. My personal favorite that I've been to is Taste of Altamonte. You get more food than you can ever possibly eat at these events from restaurants all over the area. The only downside is that many of these food events can get somewhat pricey. New events seem to be starting this year as well, such as Taste of Sanford. Another new one is the Taste of UCF, and the best part was that it was all free!

I started with a Mango Smoothie filled with tapioca balls and jellied coconut from Boba Tease. It was good, especially in the heat!
Peppino's was giving out three different food items. By the time I got to them, all they had left was this baked ziti. I was one of the last one to be served before they ran out of this too. They were all out probably twenty minutes after the event started. The people at this booth wouldn't make me want to eat at their restaurant either. The person serving the food was chain smoking cigarette after cigarette. I'm sure some of those ashes got onto the food.
A barbeque caterer somehow connected to Wackadoo's was giving out these pulled pork sandwiches:
Random cotton candy from an unknown source. This is all I got before the machine broke.
Qdoba Chicken Burrito Bowl:
Domino's served Buffalo Chicken Pizza. I would never think of getting pizza with these toppings, but it was better than I expected. I liked it better than Domino's plain cheese pizzas.
There were a few other food vendors as well, but they all seemed to run out of food before I got to them. Silver Mine Subs is one of these restaurants that comes to mind.

Taste of UCF was good for a free lunch, but it can't compete with Taste of Altamonte!


Kathleen said...

I've lived in Altamonte for four years, yet I've never been to the Taste of Altamonte because of the chains (also because it usually falls during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival). Do you think it'd be worth it for my husband and I to go, being that I'm a vegetarian?

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