Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monreale Bakery in Franklin Square, NY

monreale bakery
I was planning on getting a bagel one morning, but then remembered the Monreale Bakery in Franklin Square, NY that I remembered passing a few days before. I decided I'd stop in and get some other type of bread. I was greeted by racks of freshly baked bread in the window, and then cases of Italian cookies and pastries in the cases inside.
monreale dessert case
I bought some bread and also had to try some of the desserts, so I selected a few to try. I took the food back to the house, all in this great box tied with red and white string.
box of goodies
I had this Semolina Roll topped with sesame seeds for my breakfast.
Although it doesn't show in the picture that well, bread made from semolina flour is more yellow than your standard white bread and tastes a whole lot better!
bread and butter
Later on, I tried the desserts I bought. I tasted this really good cannoli first, stuffed with it's ricotta filling.
I also tried this dessert. I'm not sure what it's called, but was similar to a empanada filled with the same ricotta filling as in the cannoli. It was good!
monreale empanada
monreale empanada stuffing
These Italian Bakeries seem to be all over this area of Long Island and Monreale was a good one. Question time: Anyone know of a good Italian Bakery like this somewhere in the Orlando area?

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