Friday, September 11, 2009

Red & the Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge 8-13-09 1
I've spent plenty of time in New York, but one thing I never did was walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. I've read on travel websites that the walk over the bridge is one of the top ten tourist destinations in the city, and yet I had never gone. On my last night in the area, I decided to walk over the bridge and eat dinner somewhere within walking distance of the bridge.

We parked in Brooklyn and my initial thought was to eat at the famous Grimaldi's Pizzeria before the walk, but the line halfway up the block changed my mind. Instead, we proceeded over the bridge towards Manhattan.
brooklyn bridge 8-13-09 2
Walking on the wooden boardwalk above the cars was a great experience. There were great views and the bridge was packed with mostly international tourists. Even on the way back, close to midnight, there were still plenty of people on the bridge. It was also really interesting to inspect the bridge up close rather than speeding by in a car. Old suspension bridges like this are so substantial and nice looking compared to the cable strung bridges that have replaced them.
brooklyn bridge 8-13-09 3
Once in Manhattan, we headed towards the South Street Seaport. Since it was pretty late by now, we didn't want to risk restaurants closing for the night, so we ate at one of the first restaurants we came to. It was a Mexican Restaurant called Red.
red 8-13-09 inside
Tortilla chips and really good salsa were served first.
red 8-13-09 chips
I ordered a chicken and avocado tostada for my meal. It was basically a salad in a bowl made from a fried tortilla. The chicken had a really nice lime flavor, but the avocado wasn't ripe and was really hard. Overall, the meal wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. Pretty much an average salad.
red 8-13-09 salad
After eating, we returned to Brooklyn and said goodbye to the city until the next visit...
brooklyn bridge 8-13-09 4

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ch said...

What great pictures! The city skyline takes my breath away! I have never walked across the Brooklyn bridge. Lived in NY for 30 years and never even thought of doing that! I wish I had. That will have to be on the list of things to do.
My husband's first cook job, out of culinary school, was The River Cafe, right under the Brooklyn Bridge.

AJ said...

RED used to be our go-to spot for after-work margaritas when I worked in downtown Manhattan. :-) Bad food, good alcohol. That's my take.

Vera Marie Badertscher said...

Found this on the Carnival of Cities. Last time I was in NYC, we had decided we were going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and eat at Grimaldi's, but the one day we had free, it was raining cats and dogs. Hope there's a next time.


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